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Most drivers are not fully aware of just how important their windshield is.
Most drivers are not fully aware of just how important their windshield is.

Most drivers are not fully aware of just how important their windshield is. A poorly installed or damaged windshield can pose a danger to drivers, especially when they are involved in an accident. This is why it is crucial drivers have expert installers and repair technicians work on their windshields. Through this information, people can be better prepared for knowing what to do when their windshield is damaged.

There are certain types of windshield damage that can be repaired and other types that will require a complete replacement. Knowing the difference is crucial. These types of damage can often be repaired as long as they are repaired promptly:

Cracks that are less than a foot long

Damage that is not over a week old

Dings that are less than the size of a fifty-cent piece

Damage that is not in the field of vision of the driver

A professional will need to be called for Auto Glass Repair. Repair involves piping clear resin into the damaged area and then smoothing it and curing it using a special UV light. The sooner the repair is carried out, the better. Older damage cannot be repaired because of contaminants.

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If repairs cannot be carried out, the vehicle will need windshield replacement miami. Windshield replacement is carried out by removing the old, damaged windshield. Once this is removed, the frame is cleaned and prepared for the new glass to be installed.


New glass must be adhered using a strong urethane adhesive. Once the urethane is piped around the frame, the new glass can be put in. The technician will then work to install the rearview mirror and other components of the windshield.

When a windshield replacement is carried out, the car is not drivable right away. This is because the curing process needs to be complete to ensure the windshield can stand up to the immense pressure experienced during driving. The technician will inform the driver when it is safe to drive after auto glass replacement miami.


Whether a car needs windshield repair or replacement, the services are convenient. Most glass repair companies are willing to come out to a person's home or job so the repairs can be carried out when needed.

If your car is in need of auto glass repair miami, make sure to contact a professional glass repair company right away. With prompt repair, a windshield will be able to do its job and protect the occupants.

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